Dam tot dam loop

On Sunday the 20th September the BeHoCa team ran the 10 English Miles for our boys in Kenia! Heartwarming and also our boys followed the runners closely from Kenya. They did not understand it at all. People are running and when they finish BeHoCa receives money? Haha.

All of our runners finished! Together they raised almost €1500,-. Amazing! And their is still coming money in for the runners.

We thank all the runners from the bottom of our heart, and of course all the sponsors! Krijn Ceelen, Ad van Herpen, Roos van Rooij, Michiel Kreps, Matthijs Kreps, Esther Verstappen, Pim van Wanrooij, Maaike van Cutsem, Melvin van Drimmelen and Tiago v.d. Stam…


Again next year?