Adam is a very cheerful sweet boy who is very funny.

When you call him, most of the time the answer is ‘I’m not here’. He says this with a huge smile on his face. He makes a lot of jokes and he likes it when you talk with him about everything. If Adam is doing the dishes it can take hours. Everything he does gets the time it needs, and sometimes even more time. He wants to do everything perfect.

All of Adam his family members live on the streets. Even his nieces and cousins. His father used to be a driver of the local passenger transport vans. The father spend his money on alcohol. He passed away and other family members can not give Adam a future or a chance to go to school.

Despite his learning gap he is doing well at school and likes to learn. He is making his homework even when it is already very late. Adam asks a lot of questions to get confirmation. He is very motivated and likes to know everything.

Adam wants to become a business manager and get his family of the streets.