Dennis is a small, sweet and innocent boy and we are wondering how he survived on the streets.

He likes to play games and play with cars. He is a smart boy and learns very quickly. Sometimes it is hard for him to listen, especially when he is playing. What is the purpose of listening when you have so much fun playing? Dennis is an acrobat, as he calls himself. He is very good at this! At moments when he does not have anything to do he likes to walk around on his hands. He loves acting and he wants to make a movie.

Unfortunately the parents of Dennis are separated. His mom took him with her to Mombasa. In Mombasa she left him behind with her friends. Dennis could not stay with this friends, so he was forced to live on te streets and join a group of street boys.

Dennis is a smart boy who loves going to school. He does not love his homework, because playing is much more fun. Luckily he is easily motivated. He has a lot of friends at school and likes it a lot.

He can’t wait to be old, because then he will be flying. He wants to become a pilot and see the whole world.