James is the happy acrobat of the family who, according to his own words, is always right. He does a flip-over with ease and steals the show with his moves. You can hear his laughter from afar and it gives you a very happy feeling. He is very helpful and likes to help with everything you are doing.

James came to BeHoCa because of an unstable home situation. Due to various circumstances he ran away from home and ended up on the street. After living with us for a year, we could have reunited James with his mother. She was remarried and the family was stable. He even has a new brother and is also the proud big brother.

However, the reunification did not last long. The situation changed and his mother moved with his sisters and his brother to another place. She left James to finish his school. We did not find this situation justified and James made two proposals: whether you are going to live with your mother and then you change from school or you will live with us again. Since December 2017, James is therefore once again a resident in the BeHoCa house.

James is doing well at school and can usually be found in the top 3 of his class. His dream was to go to school like all children. Now that his dream has come true, he is working hard to become a pilot.