Ambasa (Mombasa)

Mombasa is our biggest entertainer in the family.

He can not stand still for one second when he hears music. Before he starts anything he first makes a dance move. He has a lot of humor and makes you smile a lot. He is the best at making funny faces. But he is also a very sensitive boy.

He ran away from BeHoCa maybe 15 times. But every time when we found him he came back with us and told that he did not know why he ran away. He is stable now, but the life on the streets has had a huge impact on him.
Mombasa comes from a divorced family where alcohol addiction was a big problem. Mombasa got familiar with the life on the streets. With his big eyes he was able to collect some money for food.
We are very happy that we have found Mombasa and that he is now ready for this change and make a promising future.

He is doing very well at school. He is always in the top 3 even after skipping a class.

Mombasa wants to become a banker.