Shadrack is a busy and sometimes naughty boy. He is also very helpful and a hug makes him all happy again.

This boy needs a lot of distinctness, structure and attention. He is very active, always everywhere and joins everything that is going on at that moment. Sometimes he is grumbling, but with a hug and a joke he is all better again. Then he starts playing with his brothers again. He likes acrobatics. He trains every day and is practicing his jumps and everything. He likes to show everyone what he is capable of.

Shadrack was living on the streets because his mother and stepfather got divorced. After his mom left he stayed with his stepfather for a while, but this did not work out.

Shadrack likes going to school a lot. He only thinks the days are very long. He likes to read, so he reads a lot in books. He also likes to run around and play with his friends.

When he is older he wants to become an engineer, but police man is cool as well.