Volleyball tournament for BeHoCa

On Saturday, January 20, 20 volleyball teams competed for the honor in De Camp in Woudenberg. It is a tournament that has been organized for several years now to support charity’s in a fun and sporting way.

This year all teams were in the field for BeHoCa. The aunt of Nathalie (former trainee of BeHoCa) organizes this great event every year. Through Nathalie they have therefore come into contact with BeHoCa. Luckily Nathalie was back in the Netherlands just in time to take part herself and to tell a good word about our great boys.

We are extremely grateful to all teams, organizers and all supporters. We feel very blessed with such an amazing amount, up to €1200.00! How wonderful is this, we can do so much with this! Thanks, Asante Sana and thank you!