Juma came to the BeHoCa Foundation in April 2017. He was looking for help, he indicated. After looking around for a while, he was not so sure of his case. This because all the other boys were in school and so he began to doubt. The mentor indicated that he could try it with the neighbors (another orphanage). He was back in a few minutes and said he wanted to try it, the joker.

Juma comes from a family where his father is violent. His mother died when Juma was little. He still misses her every day. Father got a new wife and this did not go well together. Juma and his brother went to live with their uncle. Juma became somewhat rebellious and started to steal some money. Because he was afraid of punishment he ran away.

The ties with the family are good again and hopefully this will work out well for Juma. Juma is doing very well and is our 2nd little acrobat! He has been going to school since January 2018 and is enjoying himself there. Fortunately, his concentration is being trained at school. His personal care and taking care of his things may also be better. Juma is always looking for all his stuff. Furthermore, it is a darling and it is nice to have him with us!