Chicken farm

When you ask our boys what they love to eat, they always answer: ‘Chicken!’ All Kenyan people eat chicken and it is ‘safe’ food for all religions in Kenya. So what is the best way to earn money? Yes, with breeding and selling chickens.

As a foundation we completely depend on donations. Our aim is to become as self sufficient as possible. We have made a start on this with our first project. Thanks to the Ankie Hak Foundation we have opened our own chicken farm.

Teaching the boys life skills is very important for BeHoCa. Melissa has build the houses for the chickens together with a couple of the boys. It was a tough job but the results are very good. It was a good experience for the boys. Now they help with the breeding and slaughtering of the chickens. This way they get more responsibillities and learn how to take care of themselves in the future. The demand for chickens will always be there. The good thing about chickens is that they also lay eggs. So we have chickens for the meat and chickens for the eggs.

We would like to implement more of our projects in the future. Breeding pigs and having an own greenhouse and guesthouse are still on our wishlist. But we first need our own piece of ground for that.

Thanks to Ankie Hak Foundation!

‘The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration but its donation.’