Rama is a quiet, but very sweet boy. He has not lived on the street and fortunately has a mother who takes care of him.

Rama comes from an incredibly poor family. They live in a self-made house made of branches and mud. His mother cultivated maize and when it is dry season, she makes roof coverings of palm tree leaves. Rama is a neighbor of ours who one day was pelted with stones by another boy in our neighborhood.

He did not go to school because they do not have money. The ‘free’ education of Kenya is therefore not free. His school fees, textbooks and uniforms could not be paid. He was therefore no longer welcome at school. He did some chores here and there to make money. He did this together with an older boy. This boy did not want Rama at a job. However, the ‘boss’ had also asked for Rama so he just wanted to go. The older boy pelted Rama with stones and left him wounded.

Rama had a chat with our boys regularly when they came home from school. He asked them about school and said he would also like to go. After the stone incident, we registered Rama at school and now he goes to school every day. He does well and likes to learn. He also likes to visit us in his free time and he helps with all the daily chores.