Become adoptive parent!

BeHoCa Foundation offers you the opportunity to (financially) become an adoptive parent!
This means you sponsor a child by a fixed amount per month. This makes your donation personal and you will be actively involved in the development of the child.

You will be kept informed through a newsletter about the progress of ‘your’ child. We also offer you the opportunity to have personal contact with the child, like mail and e-mail or even a possible visit to the child at the home itself. The children love this personal contact. They then know that there is someone (even if it is on another continent) that thinks of them and cares about them, believes in them and supports them. This gives the children motivation and inspiration to want to change and to continue to do their best to achieve a promising future!

You can financially support one of our boys from €25,- per month. This means that each child can have several adoptive parents. For the kids this is even more fun of course!

When you check the BeHoCa home page you get to know our boys better and who is still in need of a sponsor. Get in contact with us to help our boys!

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