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Newsletter                     Year 2014                         Edition 8

Dear sponsor,

In a previous newsletter (issue 6 of the end of May) we have informed you about a newsletter of the children. They have been working very hard on this newsletter for a whole afternoon and they were very enthusiastic about it. Memories were cited and shared. We hope you enjoy reading.....

First word
This is a BEHOCA new spaper. I have the honour towrite a first word. In this new spaper Allthe boy weite a story. The stories go about the new boy. Hoilday butterfly, lipdub, school end 2 weeks without water we write the new spaper as an activity and l hope you Like to read our stories

In the behoca home we celebrated Easter. Easter is good we went to church and look some movie about Jesus, and people acting the Easter story in church. We made eggs for in the Easter tree and we painted eggs. And we had a big lunch with ofcourse an egg, bread and milk. It was a nice day and very fanny day. Thanks
Jackob and Meshack

Lib dub
My name Mombassa and Nicholas. I come Mombassa I writer this story to tell you that IT WAS Very nice cause. I think that you like so much But I want to tell you that. If you were here the game was so interesting. I greet the boys and their go with they game. The song was don’t worry. Do you like it? It have drums, 3 little birds and purple air. We had a fun do you like it? I like it
Mombasa and Nicholas

juma and adam hello friends ..we have storry School that school is good we have fun games we like that game because is nice to us I like that asemele we sing gospel and dancing and word of god . when we wake up we need to prepair our self and then we weight some tea to drink when we finishe to drink tea and then We go to school we weight teacher to come to teach us compostion English Kiswahili and social stady . I like that school because I have main friends to play but you know must be big friend carolyne juma nne I like teacher because he is good teacher we like that teacher.
Yusuf Juma and Adam

New boy
My name is saidi muhameed i live in street i dont have a mother i dont have a father i like here. I live in street in5month ilivehere in 4weeks ilike to watch movies thank you very much I LOVE YOU
Saïd M.

No water
We have story of Behoca new papers.
That two week without water. was to bad . because us. Was caring water everday.because piper was Brock. We wash with rain water. because we was don’t have water we was take shower to rain we wash cloths with water of rain two plumber came to fix the pomp. And the pomp start to pomp water in the tank. People who’s happy with water again pomp Brock in one week another plumber came to fix the pomp and power go in one night 9:30 Kenya power came to fix the power and then water came. I have A questions? Do you like this story .Thank you and this is story of behoca I like.
Brian and Yusuf Ali

One day at behoca home, it whas shally day. It whas on saterday we was happy and funny. We whas don’t have anything to mum but we give respect to her. It whas very fanny whith the bicycle we appriciatet and we love the parc that par. It whas very big and many fish and sm turtoies and it whas very good and we have lolypops and juies and biscuits and more. We take a totres we see many milipads after time the baick start to get punchers and the time still go at pare time it was the end of the day. Thenk you.
Ali Jaa and Saïd A.

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