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Newsletter                  Year 2014                       Edition 10

Wrong choice, wrong place, wrong friends...

Help Ali… Help Ali… Help Ali…

Last Friday Ali visited his brother. Unfortunately Ali made some wrong choices during this visit, which resulted in an almost fatal end. Ali asked his brother for permission to go and visit some of his old friends. He went to town and hang around with his friends. He also spend the night on the streets. The next morning they were walking around when one of the boys stole a phone of a man who was passing by phoning.

Ali is not used to the street life anymore or surviving on the streets. This is why he understood too late what was going on. He could not get away in time. It is often seen in Kenya that people decide on a question for themselves. This happened to Ali as well. The bystanders catched Ali and have beaten him wit rocks, which almost killed him. After this they threw paraffin and paper over Ali and set him to fire.

The other street boy’s heard what was going on and they went back and protected and saved Ali with sticks and stones. They had put him in a TukTuk and dropped him off at the hospital.

For 7 hours long Ali dit not receive any care in the hospital or have any familiar faces around him. We found him after these long hours. After approximately 10 hours after the incident he finally got medication. Ali has got burns over his whole body.

He is burned for 35%, of which his back and right hand are the worst. Luckily the fire did not go inside the body, so only his skin is burned. His nerves, muscles, strings and lungs look okay.

At the moment he is staying at the Intensive Care. The doctor say’s that if Ali does not catch any infections he will be out of danger. Please let this be true!! It feels so unreal. When we are with Ali in the hospital you see the cold hard truth of him screaming because of his pain, when we are home you still expect to see him there...

Today we have decided to transfer Ali to a private hospital. In the current hospital we have to bribe the nurses and doctors, so that they will help Ali. Ali his wounds are not getting salved, so they are dry all the time. He also is laying on his back all day long, but his back is the most burned part of his body! Every time we visit Ali in the hospital we are the ones who see something is not working or things are empty. They finally started with antibiotics today, after being three day’s in the hospital (?!). His IC-room is filled with flies, while his wounds are open! Everyone walks in and out of the room. If we let Ali stay here he won’t make it, despite the fact that he is a very strong fighter. He needs all the help he can get now.

An estimation of the costs that will come:

Intensive Care bed: 1800 shilling (±180 euro) per day

Costs doctor: unknown

Last three day’s medication: 35000 shilling (±350 euro)

It is a lot of money, but it is for Ali. He was doing so well, at home and at school! He was studying for hours, because he wants to become a cook. We are hoping and praying that he will be able to put on his new apron (which he got from his sponsor) in his job of being the best cook ever with the needed help for his right hand! This sweet amazing boy just needs to get better!!!

Who wants to/could help us financially to provide the right and necessary care for Ali? Money can be deposited at our bank account NL62 RABO 0135 0402 05. Thank you so much for your help!

I don’t like asking for help and especially not for money, but for this time I would give everything and I am asking everyone: Please help ALI! On behalf of Ali: ASANTE SANA, thank you so so much for your help!!! We are really thankful!!

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