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Newsletter                   Year 2015                       Edition 12

Dear sponsor,

A year can go by so fast! Especially when you have no time to stand still. The last few months were very busy and hectic for everyone. We are living in our new home since the first of November. Everyone likes it a lot here! Melissa her brother Matthijs is in Kenya at the moment to help with some constructions. Thanks to a great donations we can extend the main building. This way we can eat all together and we will have a place for the home schooling.
The kids are going to their new school after a month holiday. The school is called Bridge International. They like it a lot and the boy’s are being stimulated to do the best they can. We left the old school with two boy’s who were top of the class, two boy’s who were second best and one boy at the third place. The others were not far away! We are so proud of our boy’s!


Family visits
Most of the boy’s visited their family in the holiday. They really enjoyed seeing their family again. The boy’s took their school rapport and photobook to show it to everyone who wanted to. After four years Brian finally saw his mother and sisters again. Together with Uncle Raj and Auntie Sanne, he went to Mumia’s to look for his family. Everything changed so it took a while for us to reunite them. Due to several circumstances Brian can not live with his family. So he will keep staying with us. Brian was also really happy to keep living in the BeHoCa home.
Ali Hamisi
Most of you will already know that Ali made the wrong choice during his family visit. He asked his brother for permission to go and visit some friends of him on the streets. He got permission and came in contact with his old friends. One of his friends stole a phone and Ali was too slow with getting away. He got caught by the bystanders. It is due to the bad performance of the police that the people execute thieves themselves. The bystanders have beaten Ali up with rocks and set him on fire.
Ali is in the hospital since 7 December. Thanks to the help of many of you he is staying in a private hospital. It is still not comparable with a Dutch hospital, but in this hospital we are sure he will get better. He fought so hard and still has a long way to go, but he will get there!
It is difficult to find the right words, but thanks to all the involvement, fundraisings which were started, donations we received, sweet messages we got, made it possible to get through this period. It gave us a lot of strength and perseverance. We are so grateful, tank you all!!

The theme of the holiday was family visits and bible camp. It seemed like it would be a holiday without extreme problems. Unfortunately the opposite came true. Despite the incident with Ali, the other boy’s were luckily able to enjoy their deserved free time and rest. School is hard work. They go to school from 5.00 to 17.00 and have to do homework! So we spend the first week of the vacation with a lot of rest, games and nice activities. Thanks to a visit of Auntie Naomi her parents, the boy’s went karting! Little speed devils as they are! Not a single boy was scared, they went over the track with full speed. Awesome!


After this they went on bible camp for a week. They learned a lot, but als had a lot of fun. December was the month of Holidays. The kids made their own shoe with ‘Sinterklaas’. The next morning that shoe was filled with sweets and presents. That evening we celebrated Sinterklaas with home made ‘pepernoten’ and a lot of gifts.
When Sinterklaas was over we transformed the house in Christmas style: Christmas tree, lights and with other self made Christmas decorations. On the first day of Christmas we enjoyed nice food and fun Christmas activities. In the evening we had dinner by candlelight and saw a cool movie. The boy’s really enjoyed New Year’s Eve. They stayed up until 4!!

Auntie Sanne, Naomi, Lotte and Uncle Ad, thank you so much for all your help during this difficult period. Many things became your responsibility, because Raj and Melissa were at the hospital a lot. You did so great, thank you!

Interns and volunteers
We, Sanne and Naomi, are almost done with our 5 month during internship. On January 22 we are flying back to the Netherlands. We learned so much in these months, which we can use in our further life. The BeHoCa family gave us a warm and save feeling. We saw a lot of the Kenyan culture and nature. We had many fun moments with the boy’s, outings, activities and of course the Holidays, which gave us a real family bond! Unfortunately not everything went the way we had hoped. The incident with Ali had a huge impact on us, but we also learned from this and became stronger. We passed our internship with a good grade and we are very thankful for this experience. We are not looking forward to saying goodbye, we will miss everyone so much!!

Hi, I am Lotte and I am 18 years old. I will be staying with the BeHoCa family for six months. I was welcomed very enthusiastic, which gave me a warm and comfortable feeling. Unfortunately I was pulled back in the rough reality with the incident with Ali. It scared me a lot, but through this I learned and saw a lot in a short time. It was good to have two other girls around, so we could share our thoughts and experiences. They made it possible for me to settle more quickly. Because I arrived in the boy’s their holiday I was able to spend a lot of time with them. The Holidays were very special and cozy. I am looking forward to the next months and hope to experience a lot more nice, special, fun and beautiful moments with the BeHoCa family.

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