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Newsletter                   Year 2015                       Edition 14

Dear sponsor,

After a storm comes a calm
Finally the sun is shining again in Kenya for us. After 7 months we can close the ‘hospital’ chapter. Thanks to several amazing donations we were able to pay the last hospital bills. We are now able to look at the future again. Ali is very lucky again. A Dutch foundation called ‘Why not’ supports handicapped children in Kenya. Thanks to their help Ali will receive a free arm construction surgery. How great is that?! This means that Ali will be able to use his arm again and can go to school. Words don’t even cover our gratefulness towards you all. We are so so thankful for all your help with Ali. Thanks to you all we can focus on the streetboys again and Ali can move towards a promising future. ASANTE SANA!


New boys
Two boys have been reunited with their family. This means empty beds at BeHoCa. That is not acceptable. There are so many kids who sleep in trees, under carton boxes or in houses which are so dirty. So... we want to welcome Iddi, Ndiga, Tony and Evans to the BeHoCa Family. For some of you Evans will be a familiar name. He is an old resident of BeHoCa. After many conversations with him we took him back in the BeHoCa family. He is getting a seconds chance. We hope he is ready this time. We still have one empty bed so we are busy with another intake. We will keep you informed about this. The boys are doing very well and are adapting very easily. The older boys had to secure their place in the home of course. When this was ready they all played soccer a lot and cycled around. It is great to see how a group is and how a group can lighten up or challenge other kids. Amazing!

The first exam period is over. The boys have done really well. Said and Brian struggle a bit more after they skipped a class, but or still at the top 10. Jacob took over Brian his place and is now best of his class. Briand and Said are not satisfied with their number. They want to become number 1 again. So they are really motivated to study more. We purchased some more books and hopefully they will succeed in their mission.
But how wonderful is this! Two years ago the boys could not even sit still, they only wanted to play, some of them could not read and/or count. We can not stop saying how proud we are of our boys! James and Meshack are also doing very well. James is the best of his class and Meshack can go up one class. But he does not want to yet. And this is ok! He will go up a class when he feels he is ready for it. The home situation of both boys is still very positive. Especially for Meshack. He is shining even more than he did already.
Molex Charity Walk
On the 13th of June the 12th Molex Charity Walk started at Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Early in the morning 250 hikers from 30 different country’s started their walk of 40, 25, 18 or 8 kilometers for a charity. Every year Molex walks for charity’s who support children. Just like BeHoCa they believe that children are the future. So BeHoCa was one of the selected charity’s.
There were two stands on the hiking routes where hikers could by some refreshments. The stands were manned by people from the charity’s. Our volunteers told the hikers about what BeHoCa is doing. The pictures and banners supported these story’s. Despite the bad weather they had nice conversations. At the end of the day the weather improved and the hikers finished their walk by 17 PM.
This amazing day ended with a barbecue. During this barbecue they announced the donated money, €4050,-!!
It was a really fun day and we are so thankful. Molex Charity Walk, sponsors and hikers: Thank you so much for everything!

The banners which were used to promote BeHoCa during this day, are sponsored by Dialog. Dialog, thanks again so much!!

Do you shop online? Don’t forget to shop via goededoelshop.nl. Even ‘vliegwinkel’ and others are participating. Signing up is really easy and completed within half a minute. They will not harass you with mails or actions! You will help us a lot!!!

After six months we had to say goodbye to auntie Lotte. Lotte, thank you so much for all your help. It was not an easy period, there were a lot of ups and downs. But luckily we have also done a lot of fun things. The boys miss you very much. We wish you all the best with everything you are going to do in the Netherlands.
At the moment it is very quiet. It is strange not having any interns or volunteers for two months. This is the first time since when we started the home. The boys think it is strange as well and can’t wait until auntie Ria will arrive in August with two of her friends.

Stichting BeHoCa

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