Ankie Hak

If we ask our boys what they want to eat, they always say: Chips and Kuku. All Kenyan people love chicken. This is the most famous meat in Kenya. What does this mean for BeHoCa? Not very much, because the children only eat chicken with the Holiday’s.

At the moment we are completely depending on donations. But how can we become more independent? Of course… we are going to breed chickens!

And the Anke Hak foundation is going to help us. How awesome is this?! Thanks to Ankie Hak we can start building our own chicken breeding project. We are going to breed chickens for the meat and eggs. All the incomes from this project will support the BeHoCa foundation. So great and a huge step forwards to our future.

The chickens are doing very well. We started with 2 chickens which had been donated. After this 4 more chickens came. Thanks to the rooster of the neighbors we now have 24 chicks. We will sell all these chickens eventually when the time is right.

All the materials have been purchased. The constructions will start in January. We will keep you posted about this project!

A huge thank you for this opportunity Ankie Hak! Asante Sana!