Davis is a wonderful boy, but very insecure. He has lived with BeHoCa since 2016. In between Davis has taken a holiday and was back on the street for a few months. Luckily he realized that his future was not there and he knocked on our door again for help.

Davis wants to be liked very much. However, he does not know how to communicate in a ‘normal’ way. He hasĀ  been bullied all his life. His mother told us he was being bullied at school and by all the kids in the neighborhood. That’s why he ended up with the wrong guys and ended up on the street. Here too he was bullied and he managed to survive by making funny jokes, by having a big mouth and by insulting everyone.

Adjusting for him at BeHoCa was impossible the first time. He had a fight with everyone. Now the second time things are getting better. He still has some trouble, but he wants to change now and this is going well.

Davis wants to help and in the weekends you see him in the kitchen to prepare the food. He likes to cook, he also likes to eat some extra food. But you also need to know what you serve of course. School is going a little bit stiff and he is afraid to fail. We try to motivate him as much as possible and continue the good work. Eventually he will become what he eventually wants to be.