Brian is a hard working boy and is enormously focused on his study.

Brian is attending scouting and loves to play soccer. In his spare time he likes to practive his dance moves and watches dance clips to learn new moves. Principles are very important to Brian. Injustice is difficult for him, so he will act on this immediately. You can ask anything to Brian about the bible. He knows almost everything. Every evening he joins the bible studies and asks the mentor a lot. This used to be very different.

When Brian arrived at BeHoCa he was a very insecure and shy boy who was left behind in the streets of Mombasa by his father. Brain never saw his father again. After a lot of searching we were able to locate Brian’s mother. The mother is remarried. Due to different circumstances Brian can not live with his mom. He visits her every year.

Because of Brian his dedication he was able to skip a class. He is still in the top 5 of his class. Brian loves to read. He finishes a book in no time. He always has a few books underneath his bed.

Brian wants to become a pilot or a dancer.