Said Mohamed

Said is a very quiet and sweet boy. He likes to see which way the cat jumps before he will open up.

He likes to play soccer and is really good at this. He wins from everyone. He likes to listen to stories, play games and likes to make crafts.

Said ran away from his aunt after both his parents died. Because of several reasons Said was not able to settle at his aunt. He ended up on the streets of Mombasa. During the day he bagged for money. He used this money for food and to have a save place to sleep. We found him after he asked us for our help for going to school.

He is number 1 of his class and he is very competitive to remain at this first place.

First he wanted to become a pilot like the most of the kids, but now he wants to become a doctor. We are curious what it is going to be. With his dedication to school it will be no problem to become anything he wants.
He would also like to have a family which he can support and protect.