Tony is such a sweet boy and he is so happy now he can read.

He is always reading books. He likes to work hard and likes to work in the garden. He loves to walk with the goat.

Tony is an older boy. When he came to live with us and went to school, it was the first time for him to see a school from the inside. In his whole life there never had been a possibility or change to go to school.
After his parents got divorced he lived with his mom. Unfortunately she did not have the money to send him to school. He went back to his deaf father and brothers. But he was already too old to start attending schools. Every public school denied his application. Tony ended up on the streets to collect some extra income.

We took him in and are going to make him stable. After this it should be possible to place him back with family with the right guidance from BeHoCa.

Tony wants to become a pilot and visit every country with his father.