New boys

In the last two weeks four new boys entered our home to live with us. The new boys are doing very well. Even too good in the beginning. We thought it was going too easy. They immediately followed the structure and the older boys. The new-part is over now and we can begin with counseling. We are observing them and exploring in which way they need help. Also the older boys had to secure their place in the home. But this went fine, most of the time. It is great to see how a group can change when two boys go away to live with their own family and four new boys enter the house.

After a visit to the hospital and the needed medication everyone is all healthy again. The worms have left their bodies. That saves a lot in food.

One of the boys is an old habitant of  BeHoCa. We gave him a new change and we hope he can accept the change now and is ready for it. Welcome home Evans.

We would like to introduce to you:


Tony 8 jaar

Ndiga 12 jaar

Tony 14 jaar

Welcome to the BeHoCa family!!