BeHoCa Foundation: Recognized Training Company Calibris

With proud we may announce to you all that from now on we are a Recognized Learning Company! We received the approval of Calibris to guide students in their internship in our home. This approval is for Social-educations. Now we can also be found on the website

Our first intern has already arrived! She arrived early in te morning on the 3th of February. Her name is Marja van Garderen and she is a Social Work student at the Avans University in ‘s Hertogenbosch. She will stay with us for five months!
The kids love it when volunteers/interns stay for a longer period. They like all the extra attention! And the help is also very welcome in the home. The interns will help with making developing plans, doing activities with the boy’s, give trainings etc.

We are looking forward to offer our interns a nice and instructive time in beautiful Kenya with the sweet naughty boy’s of BeHoCa!