Your support

The BeHoCa Foundation is currently entirely depending on sponsors. We strive to run the home in Mombasa in a way that we can be self-sufficient in the future. For example we want to set up a chicken farm, a workshop and a bed and breakfast. These are some examples in which our boys could play a role and a means to generate money for the project.

Support BeHoCa Foundation, watch below our support video:

One child costs €100,- per month. In these costs we calculate everything which is directly and indirectly related to the child, e.g. rent and staff costs, as well as education, food and clothing. These costs are calculated on a capacity of 15 children. Fewer children will increase the cost per child.

Because we currently rely on donations, we are obviously still looking for new sponsors and donors. If you and/or your business, club or school would like to sponsor the BeHoCa Foundation, this is possible in several ways:

Of course the foundation in the Netherlands or another country can also be supported in several ways:

  • organizing fundraisings
  • become a volunteer and support the foundation in various actions

For further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Your donation will fully benefit the children of BeHoCa!