For your stay in Kenya, we are obliged to declare expenses. This is because we exist from donations intended for the children. Because your internship/volunteer work is a valuable contribution for both parties, we will keep the costs as low as possible.

Per week we ask:

  • students to contribute €90,-
  • volunteers to contribute €75,-.

This includes:

  • pickup from the airport
  • Kenyan SIM card on arrival
  • introduction about Mombasa/Kenya and the place where you stay
  • three Kenyan meals a day
  • unlimited drinking water
  • a place to sleep including bathroom, shared with maximum three other volunteers/interns
  • use of all equipment and materials in and around the house
  • guidance in Dutch or English
  • guidance and assessment regarding your internship assignments

This excludes:

  • ticket to fly
  • the costs of travel insurance
  • the costs of applying for a visa
  • any doctor fees
  • vaccinations
  • activities in leisure time: for example, traveling, eating, souvenirs, transportation costs, et cetera