General procedure internship/volunteer work:

  • fill in the entire registration form (this will be sent to you after leaving your data on our website)
  • upon receipt of the registration form you will receive the terms and conditions that apply to internship/volunteer work in Mombasa
  • in agreeing to the terms and conditions your registration is processed and put into motion
  • the period that you want to join will be discussed and determined
  • a contract is drawn up and signed by both parties
  • you will receive a guide with a lot of important information you will need for a good preparation of your internship/volunteering in Kenya
  • the official part is then finished, you can book your flight and make further preparations for your stay in Kenya
  • upon arrival at Mombasa airport you’ll be picked up by someone from the BeHoCa Foundation
  • you will receive a welcome pack including a (loaner) SIM card, useful information and you will be brought to your new accommodation

Extra procedure internship:

  • the conditions of school will be discussed and we will look into how the Foundation can be shaped to your internship tasks
  • if this is approved, the internship contract is signed by your school and yourself