BeHoCa home

In July 2013 the BeHoCa Foundation opened a home. Former street boys, at the age of ±7 to ±20 years, are living there. They live like one big family and the boys also see each other as brothers. The home has a capacity for ±20 boys.

The boys receive shelter, clothing, food and attention. They go to school and wherever necessary they get offered specialized help, because street boys often have complex behavioral problems for which they need assistance.

A look in and around the BeHoCa house:

There are only boys living in the BeHoCa home. The boys stay with us until they are old and independent enough to live on their own. Because family is the most important foundation in life, BeHoCa tries to strengthen the family ties of these boys as much as possible. In the ideal case, we place the boys back with parents or close relatives. And of course, if necessary, we continue to support the boys.

The schedule of a typical day for the boys:

5.00 AM: wake up and get ready for school
6.00 AM: the boys walk to school
6.30 AM: arrive at school and start preparing for the lessons
8.00 AM: official start of the lessons

Of course during school hours the work in the house is ongoing. The cook/cleaner cleans the house and prepares lunch and dinner. The mentor, the social worker and any interns/volunteers prepare activities, make daily reports, adjust the treatment plans of the boys, try to trace relatives, and of course have to deal with various official organizations such as child protection, school, church, and others.

5.00 PM: lessons are finished and the boys start going home
5.30/6.00 PM: arrive at home, wash their uniforms, make homework and have time to play
6.30/7.00 PM: eat together as a family, have some playtime or an activity
8.00 PM: Bible study
8.15 PM: prepare to go to sleep

On weekends, the boys like to work in the garden and/or vegetable garden. We also organize various educational but fun activities. They love going to the beach and to church on Sunday. The church is a weekly activity where the boys really look forward to. The BeHoCa home is just a 10-minute walk from the ocean. The boys love the blue water, whenever it is possible they go!