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Donation Take My Hand

We thank Take My Hand Foundation for their great donation to our foundation.

Take My Hand is a non-profit organization from Denmark. It was founded in 2011 by 22 enthusiastic young people from various different backgrounds. They all share one passion, and that is to help and support their fellow man. By joining together they can make a difference in this world.

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BeHoCa 3 years!

On the 10th of July of 2013 we opened our doors for four little residents in Mombasa. Now we have grown into a solid family and BeHoCa is a fact. The former streetboys developed into happy children. Children with a future full of dreams and opportunities which can and will become reality. This all thanks to you.

They say that every beginning is difficult. But a beginning in a country as Kenya is even ten times more difficult! The foundation almost closed its doors because of corruption, we moved three times in one year, we had a few runaways, one of our boys stayed in a hospital for a long time, we went bankrupt and had problems with our staff. And these er just a few highlights…. But we survived all this! And when I look at our boys now, I am so proud of them and thankful for what we have achieved already.

We are looking forward! We still have more dreams for the future of BeHoCa. We want to become self sufficient, so we started our own chicken project. Very scary and exciting, but a huge step forward for BeHoCa. Our biggest dream is to have our own piece of land where we can build a home according to our whishes. A home with a real glass house for cultivating our own vegetables, a piggery and maybe even a Bed and Breakfast.
This month we will expend and take in five new boys. BeHoCa is growing and keeps on growing! Who knows where we will be in three years.

As the founder of BeHoCa I can not thank you enough for all your support and help. Thanks to you we are where we are now, and our boys and our future boys have a future again!
All the heartwarming messages, mails and actions give me motivation to keep going.

Thank you so much! Asante Sana!