Meshack is a cheerful and caring boy with a beautiful smile.

Not a day goes by without a joke from Meshack. He acts first and maybe later thinks about it. It is a blessing to have Meshack in our home. He brings a lot of sunshine and cosines in the home.

It has not always been this way for Meshack. After he ran away from his home several times he came to BeHoCa. His mother is a single mom who is not able to take care of him. His mother remarried and went looking for Meshack. He needed some time to process everything.
The family ties have been renewed and we will keep on stimulating this. For Meshack it is better to live at BeHoCa. Every holiday he is visiting his family. He likes to cuddle with his brother and sister. They adore him and he is a real proud brother.

His school performances are average, but he is working really hard.

He wants to become a pilot in the future.