Our BeHoCa soccer team

A good idea turned out in an amazing action. Within this action we received a lot of support from many people.
The idea arose when two boys got hurt during their soccer play. They got injured and had deep wounds in their feet. This is very painful and bothersome. Especially when you have to walk half an our to school every day.

A post on facebook reached a lot of people who started small initiatives. So amazing to see how many people care about our boys! Every boy at BeHoCa now has football shoes in the right size. We can even surprise other homes with soccer shoes. Really awesome!

We want to thank everybody who helped us and are still helping with collecting football shoes. Frequently people are coming to BeHoCa in Kenya, so slowly all the shoes and clothing will arrive at Mombasa.

Asante Sana!!! Thank you so much! A big hug from our soccer team!