Ndiga at BeHoCa again

In our last newsletter we told that Ndiga left BeHoCa and went back to the streets. Luckily he realized very quickly that the streets are not a good place for him. Another children’s home took him in for a month. We came in contact with Ndiga via different contacts.

Of course we kept an eye on him when he was on the streets, but we could not force him to come back. He has to do this voluntarily.
We contacted the other home and together we decided to bring Ndiga back to BeHoCa. We welcomed him with arms wide open! Ndiga was very happy to see his friends again, Lolo and Gucci, the dogs.

Since today (the 26th of October 2015) Ndiga is attending school, class 1. He was very nervous and his belly was full with butterflies. Last week he received his schoolbag and notebooks. Since then these have been patiently waiting for him. Every evening Ndiga checked if everything was still in the bag.

We wish Ndiga lots of good luck and we hope he will be able to settle at BeHoCa and leave the streets behind.