We are going to move

We have decided to move out of this house where we have lived for one year now. The landlord is not cooperative and is giving us more problems than necessary. We have to be able to look towards the future.

We have found a very nice house in the Shanzu neighbourhood, with a contract for 5 years. The house looks and is much better than the current house. Unfortunately it is further away and in a less good neighbourhood. The environment is save, but less developed.

The house is standing on one acre of ground. This means we can create a soccer field, a bigger and better vegetable garden, a playground with a swing and a treehouse (for in the future), a place to practice acrobatics and we can organize a space for chickens and goats. The children are really looking forward to the moving and can’t wait.

Sadly the kids have to go to a new school when they move. We are still looking for a good school in the new neighbourhood. Private schools are very expensive, but we hope for the best.