BeHoCa Jewellery @ Sari’s Hairdressor’s Saloon

Since the 13th of May we are selling jewelry’s at Sari’s Hairdresser’s Saloon in the Netherlands (Drachten). The jewelry’s are made by the boy’s of BeHoCa. They are so good at this! There are beautiful items in the collection. The selling has just begun and it is already going really good. The customers are very impressed. Because of this we have already sold several necklaces, bracelets, earrings and purses.

On Saturday’s the activity in the BeHoCa home is making jewellery. The boy’s are very creative with bead’s, they call this shanga. A construction of wood and wood screw’s makes it possible for them to put wire around it so they can string the beads through it. It takes a lot of time to make these bracelets. So the boy’s need a lot of patience and concentration. This is a real challenge for some of the boy’s. They get pocket money as a reward for every nice bracelet they make. This turned out to be a perfect motivation! Besides that they can think of what they want to do with their savings.
You get the nicest creations with bigger bead’s and seeds on an iron wire. The results are amazing!

We want to thank all the volunteers who brought all the products to the Netherlands from Kenya. We hope we will receive a lot more of these pretty jewelry’s.
But most of all we want to thank Sari Vrijburg for making her saloon available for selling the jewellery. On behalf of all the kids and all the persons who are involved with BeHoCa, thank you so much!