A special afternoon

What a special afternoon! It looked like ‘Sinterklaas’. On Saturday the 22th of February we had visitors, Rob Oldenburg, Theo van Aanholt and Ans Valk. During this visit they distributed clothes to the kids. Rob received clothes from a sport shop in the Netherlands to distribute them in Kenya.

Rob had mad a clothing package for every child. One by one the boy’s came to Rob to receive their package. The boy’s were so excited! A lot of exciting sounds filled the BeHoCa Home when a boy was called to come to Rob. Fabulous! The boy’s are always very happy when they get clothes, so this was a little party for them. Rob and Theo also brought Coke, juice and water. This was the charry on top of the cake for the kids!

On Sunday everyone went to church in their new outfit. They boy’s felt awesome and handsome! They didn’t even care about the fact that some jackets were maybe a bit too hot. As long as they looked good.

Rob, thank you so much for all the beautiful clothes and this amazing afternoon! We would also like to thank the sporting goods store in Rotterdam!